The world is lecturing

I have started a “Continuing Education” topical category on here. My motivation is to encourage learning beyond the walls of universities (which are particularly hard to jump over if you’re not working at or attending one), and the restricted gaze of popular media on the Internet.

Since I graduated university, I have been particularly craving lectures. I love to see credible experts talk in-depth about their research findings, insights and opinions. One of my favorite Web sites I use to fill this void is It’s like YouTube– but with longer videos and a higher IQ. Much of the content is Americentric, but still engaging, insightful and interesting.

A few talks relevant to library and information science include:

Filmmaker Michael Moore on Capitalism: A Love Story (Moore speaks to how he believes that illiteracy and advertising are killing newspapers; not the Internet. Interesting food for thought.)

GLUT: Mastering Information Through the Ages

Implications of the Google Book Search Settlement

The Future of Social Media with Gerd Leonhard

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